Tank Top | Tale of Three Bears - Petrol

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This playful and fun tank top is sure to bring out the imagination of your little one.

Pairs perfectly with our night rain harem shorts:


This collection of fabric from Story of Roo is designed by Ulla-Maj Saarinen. The fabrics are made using many art techniques such as painting and hand drawing. They have used rotary and digital printing based on Ulla-Maj’s artwork. All their fabrics are printed in Poland Europe and they have Oeko-tex 100 certification. 


The story of Roo is an imaginative story of a little kid called Roo. He has just became a big sibling and he has difficulty falling asleep at bedtime. Dad is snoring in the other room and Roo is wondering does little brother have blue or brown eyes and does he have curly hair like he has. But most of all Roo can't fall asleep because he misses Mom.

Every night hundreds of "Bunny the Dream Readers" from the planet of Kuinkuu come to earth to collect kid’s dreams to planet Kuinkuu’s main library. Since Roo had trouble falling asleep one Bunny the Dream Reader accidentally picked his dream too early and Roo travelled with the dream to the world of Kuinkuu. Story of Roo starts when he opens his eyes on the surface of planet Kuinkuu and meets his new friend Mr. Daydreamer (picture above).

Mr. Daydreamer promises to bring Roo back home by morning. However they still have a long night and the mysterious planet called Kuinkuu to explore...

Handmade in the Canada using the best imported European GOTS certified organic cotton you can find. They are made using low impact dyes and are free from all harsh chemicals, so you can have peace of mind that they are super kind to your little one's skin!

Size Chart in inches:

Age:           Waist:             Chest:

Newborn    16                   15.5

0-3M           17.5                17

3-6M           18.5                18

6-9M           19                   18.5

9-12M         19.5                19

12-18M       20.25              19.75

18-24M       21                   20.5

2-3T            21.5                21

3-4              22                   22

4-5              22.5                23

5-6              23                   24

7                 23.5                25

8                 24                   26